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Service Rates


Haul Out 35 ton lift $10/ft (LOA)

Haul-Wash-Block for vessels under 32' $175.00

Haul Out 75 ton lift $15/ft (LOA)

Maximum Beam for 75 Ton is 24' 5"

Haul rate includes launch within six (6) months

Storage rate 35 ton $6/ft/mo – two month min.

Storage rate 75 ton $10/ft/mo – two month min. 

Storage for vessels under 32' is a $150.00 minimum

Laydays  for DIY $25/day


Emergency/Hurricane Haul 35 ton $13/ft

Emergency/Hurricane Haul 75 ton $17/ft


Crew labor $70/hr

Technical/Mechanical/Carpentry/Electrical $100/hr

Troubleshooting and Transient $110/hr

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