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Do It Yourself Rules

Please be environmentally conscious when working on your vessel, either in or out of the water. We must all be aware of our environment and must take all necessary precautions to avoid polluting the water, air or ground. To this end, please use “common sense” and adhere to the following rules:

  1. BOTTOM PAINTING and the preparation thereof may only be performed by Deltaville Boatyard or by the Owner and the Owner’s immediate family. PLEASE NOTE: Bottom Sanding may ONLY be performed Boatyard Personnel.

  2. When painting, drop cloths of suitable material should be spread beneath the boat to collect all residue or drips and disposed of properly. If there is any wind which is causing the dust, scrapings or paint to blow off the drop cloth, you must STOP work immediately.

  3. NO BOTTOM SANDING OR GRINDING is allowed. Topside sanding may be allowed with express permission of the Boatyard but only with the proper equipment.

  4. If paint (or other toxic or harmful substance) is spilled onto the ground, it and the affected area must be promptly and completely cleaned up and the Office notified.

  5. DO NOT PUMP OILY BILGES into the water or onto the ground. Use oil absorbent materials in the bilge.

  6. Dispose of used oil in the USED OIL Containers. Drain oil filters well before discarding. To avoid future disposal charges, keep the area around the used oil tanks clean and do not use them for disposing of gasoline or other solvents.

  7. USED BATTERIES should be dropped off for recycling.

  8. Keep the area around and under your boat clean and free of trash. Your boat will not be launched until your area is clean.

  9. If you have paint left over in your can, please give it to one of the boat yard personnel. Do not discard in the dumpster.

  10. Due to the dangerous nature of a Boat Yard, it is recommended that access to the boat be limited to daylight hours. STAYING ON BOARD THE BOAT ONSHORE IS NOT PERMITTED without prior consent from management and, if permitted, will include a daily fee in addition to the dry storage charges.

  11. DO NOT ADJUST OR MOVE THE BOAT STANDS. Please see management if you would like your boat re-blocked. The Boat Yard staff will paint the areas behind the stands prior to launching at no cost. Please leave some paint and a brush under the boat for this purpose.

  12. Boat Yard customers who are not currently slip holders at the Marina are NOT ENTITLED TO USE THE SWIMMING POOL OR PICNIC AREAS. Arrangements can be made with the Marina for use of the facilities with an additional fee.

  13. When using the bathroom facilities please clean up any mess you might generate.

  14. If you are not present when your boat is launched, please ensure that DOCKLINES are ready. If your boat has to be TOWED back to your slip, you may be billed for that service.

  15. While the Boatyard will make every effort to haul and launch on your requested date and time, this may not always be possible and final hauling and launching SCHEDULES WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE BOATYARD.

  16. BOATS MAY NOT BE LEFT PLUGGED INTO ELECTRICAL POWER WHILE ASHORE. Unattended power cords will be removed.

  17. Your boat will not be launched until all OUTSTANDING BALANCES with the Boatyard have been paid in full.

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