Starr Pullman Earns Certified Marine Service Manager Credential

Deltaville Boatyard and the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association (ABBRA) is proud to announce that Starr Pullman, Quality Control and Production Manager, has now earned the ABBRA Certified Marine Service Manager credential. This coveted certification is a long-term dedication to the boating industry, taking months to earn. A candidate must be employed full-time, be working in a boatyard in a managerial position for two years, take an OSHA ten-hour training course, fulfill a personal interview, and complete the ABBRA project manager course and exam. The course is highly specialized, taught by nationally recognized experts in the marine industry, who emphasize professionalism, workmanship, and best practices in boatyard service. When candidates leave, they have extensive knowledge in financial management, job estimating and work order management, maritime law, health and safety compliance, environmental management and emergency response, human resources, and leadership.

The ABBRA certification, then, is only given to those project managers with the highest qualifications and dedication to the marine industry. Starr Pullman has achieved and exceeded these standards daily at Deltaville Boatyard. Her achievement only provides further evidence to her exemplary work. With over ten years of employment, Starr has accomplished the highest standards in professional, leadership, and mechanical skills. We are grateful not only to her dedication to our company, but also to furthering the developments of and setting trends in the marine industry. Congratulations, Starr!