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Renovations at Deltaville Boatyard and Marina Include New Floating Dock

This past year was monumental for Deltaville Boatyard and Marina with additions that span from the tiniest baby chick to a large, new floating dock. “We heard what our customers needed and wanted. They are our priority, and we want to give them the best experience from the moment they step onto our dock.” says Keith Ruse, owner of Deltaville Marina and Boatyard.

In 2013 and again in 2015, the marina was awarded the Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The BIG provides funding opportunities to help maintain, build, or renovate docks, dockside utilities, and facilities for transient boaters in order to provide access to cultural, environmental, and recreational destinations. Organizations from all over the U.S. request the grant. It is a competitive process and only those projects that will increase transient boaters to destinations with many cultural, environmental, and recreational activities are selected. Jackson Creek is sought after by transient boaters for its safe harbor, proximity to Deltaville Boatyard for repairs, and Deltaville’s rich history and proximity to other historical and recreational destinations. Deltaville Marina was awarded the BIG twice for two different projects: a new floating dock and a new fuel system.

In 2017, Deltaville Marina said goodbye to “D Dock”, a fixed structure with a covered shed, one pump-out, and one fuel system, which had been standing long before owners Keith and Jacqui Ruse bought the marina in 2005. Akin to the luxury floating docks at some of the largest marinas in the U.S., the new dock sits 270 feet long into Jackson Creek and can accommodate a vessel 130 feet in length. Sleek black columns designate 19 slips, each with their own 100-amp shore power. Individual slips also have their own full-length finger pier on both sides of the vessel providing easy access on and off. “It’s all about providing our customers the best facility and easy access to our area.” says Keith.

The second BIG was awarded to put in a new fuel system at the end of the floating dock. There are now twice as many fuel pumps with four pumps: two diesel and two gas. This fuel system also provided all new hook-ups and lines to ensure that the marina and boatyard protect our wildlife and waterways. “We take pride in being environmentally responsible, and our new fuel pump and pump-outs ensure we’re doing our part.” says Jacqui of renovations. Deltaville Marina has been a long-standing member of the Clean Marina Program, ensuring protection of inland and coastal waterways from pollution.

In continuing to protect our environment with the Clean Marina Program, Deltaville Marina was also awarded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Clean Vessel Act Grant, which provides funds for construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and education for proper pump-out facilities. This grant is also nation-wide and highly competitive. These funds provided Deltaville Marina the ability to provide multiple pump-out stations all along the new floating dock.

Numerous other renovations have been completed as well. New WIFI was installed at the marina this winter. The new service, OnSpot, was developed specifically for marinas to provide customers with internet that is faster and more efficient. The websites have been given a face-lift, and customers can now find an extensive list of events and activities from all our local businesses on our calendar. Customers can also tag us in their photographs from their visit at the marina or work completed at the boatyard to show directly on our webpage. “We want to encourage our customers to interact with us on social media and on our webpage. We want them to see that Deltaville and our surrounding area has lots to offer, and when they look back, we want them to be excited to return.” says Jacqui.

Other renovations at the marina include a new swimming pool and “crab shack”. The old swimming pool is being converted into a beach area, and we constructed a new pool closer to the park. Our previous “crab shack” was torn down with the old dock. Always a customer favorite for grilling out and enjoying the view, a new, bigger screened building was constructed in its place. We also have new flower beds – one large bed with vegetables and three small with fresh herbs. We even have chickens for fresh eggs!

Deltaville Boatyard also completed some renovations with a new floating service dock. They’ve been busy sending employees to classes and conferences as well. “We’ve always recognized the importance of education for our employees. We’re continuing to send employees to ABYC courses and specialized classes for vendors like Dometic. The quality of our work reflects our experience and education, and we’re setting trends in the marine industry in service and technology.” says Keith.

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina are proud of the new renovations, and we hope that it encourages more visitors to our area this summer. We would like to invite our customers, friends, and community to an Open House on May 4th and 5th to see all the renovations that have taken place over the past year. We’ll have some refreshments as well. We’ve come a long way, and we’d like to share our accomplishments with you.

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